FIREMAIN UK LTD can supply & install a Closed Circuit Television System for all environments, by utilising only the highest quality reliable equipment.

We can install systems in areas where it’s not possible to install conventional CCTV equipment.

A Closed Circuit Television system can be as simple as one camera and one monitor.

Or as complex as dozens of cameras relaying the images they capture to a bank of monitors or a  computer.

Security Systems

The types of security camera that we choose from will depend, in large part, on the use the client intends to use it.

Outdoor surveillance cameras, for instance, require weatherproofing that isn’t necessary if the requirement is to only monitor the interior of the building. In poorly lighted areas we would recommend infrared security cameras.

We have vast experience in integrated digital technology; a modern Closed Circuit Television system involves an integrated system comprising of static cameras and fully functional domes with pan, tilt, and zoom to enable operators to monitor remotely from a control room.